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Want to Hangout in Art Gallery,

Listen to DJs and View Denver’s Hottest Photography?

March 22, 2011

By Jeanette Mrzette


Denver, CO – Looking for an evening to hang out at an art gallery, listen to the sounds of DJ’s playing, meet some of Denver’s hottest and up and coming photographers and buy some art? Then you should come down to Capelli Floral this Saturday March 26 from 7-10 and be a part of Exposure’s latest gallery showing of “Void”. Exposure is the creation of Lara Brecht and Jason Walp that formed December 2007 which is a collective of photographers of all skill levels of the Denver area that encourage growth as an artist by having monthly gallery showings to educational seminars hosted by other photography professionals on topical skills such as framing and lighting.


I had the pleasure of speaking with the two co –founders of Exposure, Lara Brecht and Jason Walp on being a part of Denver’s premier collective photography group.

MWN: What had brought you to create Exposure?
LB: I wanted a network of other artists that I could work with and be creative and artistically true and creative to myself.

MWN: What had got you interested in photography?
JW: I had become interested through music and by an old camera that my dad had. It was interesting to see the possibilities that were available to me.

MWN: What have been some of the road blocks that you have been up against?
LB: I wouldn’t call them road blocks but some of the struggles that we have experienced is finding gallery space that is not a coffee shop, and just finding the energy for the next photographic art piece.


MWN: Since Exposure has been around for a while now, what would you consider some of the greatest experiences or moments?
LB: Opening nights are the best. I feel there is so much support within the community such as Avery Brewing, Divino, and Capelli Floral. As well as meeting other photographers and learning from them, as well as keeping myself busy creatively.
JW: Wow, that’s a tough question, there has been so many. I would have to say the “Music for your Eyes” it was a great show to see what photos had taken and set to music, that was an exciting moment for me.

MWN: How do you determine your photo topics?
LB: We work with what we call a cycle that is usually about four months. From the time we decide and vote on a theme, sharing ideas, techniques, and having one to two critiques and the final gallery showing. It’s a work but it is well worth it!

Exposure is having their next gallery showing “Void” at Capelli Floral 11 East Louisiana Avenue, Saturday March 26 from 7-10pm open to the public with all photographic art work for sale. Beer by Avery Brewing and wine is provided by Divino. For any interested photographers please join them for the next Exposure meeting will be Tuesday April 19th at 7pm at the Hornet, 76 Broadway Denver, CO.

You may contact or get more information at http://www.exposuredenver.com

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