Welcome to Exposure! We‘re excited to tell you more about ourselves!

Exposure is a Photographic Arts Community serving the Denver Metro area since December of 2007, and is a great place to meet fun, artistic-minded, creative Denverites.

First and foremost, we strive to be a supportive community of artists dedicated to helping each other grow in our art. We are composed of photographers representing all ages, skill levels, and interests. Exposure hosts several events every year to showcase the work of our members. Each show has a theme, and all photographers must create new work in order to enter into the show.

In addition to our shows we host educational opportunities, such as workshops in framing, studio photography, and Photoshop. These workshops are taught by local photography professionals, and are available to members for a small fee. We also host several social events each month, such as happy hours, networking meetings, and photo scavenger hunts that will give you a chance to get to know this fabulous community of local photographers.


Exposure Show Cycle Outline

  • Voting Meeting
    • Decide and vote on the theme for the next show.
  • Brainstorming Meeting
    • Share ideas, techniques, and problems based on shooting for the theme.
    • Framing and presentation seminar, required for new members.
  • Commitment Meeting
    • Pay dues and get a count of people that will be in the show. From this, we determine the amount of space each person will have for display, and if we need to make additional arrangements for wall space.
  • Critique #1
    • Digital files or prints to show and share, a great opportunity for feedback with plenty of time to re-shoot, narrow down a group of images into a series, or get advice and ideas for difficult techniques.
    • Required (or Final Critique)
  • Final Critique
    • Digital or prints to show and share, narrow down a group of images into a series, discuss presentation methods and ideas, enough time before the hanging to do editing, cropping, and still get your final presentation finished.
    • Required (or critique 1)
  • Presentation Meeting
    • Assistance in framing and presentation.
    • At this meeting we can help with design.  Also we can help you with getting needed framing materials, cut matting or glass, and assembly.
  • Hanging
    • All final pieces of art required at the hanging, on time please! No art is hung until all art is present, so that the show can be curated and arranged to fit together as a whole.
  • Opening
    • This is the big night, with food, music, and of course, all our art!
    • ***we require your presence at a minimum of 2 meetings (one must be a critique at which you show final work)***


How to Contact Us:

For more information, or to be added to our member’s email list, please contact us at exposuredenver (at) gmail (dot) com